Founded by girls. For girls.

The Women Media Center’s annual examination found that men produced 62.3 percent of all news reports analyzed while women produced just 37.7 percent. The VIDA Count found that eight of the 15 publications studied “failed to publish enough women writers to make up even 40 percent” of their work in 2017, according to Publishing Perspectives. Need we say more? Women are critically underrepresented in the field of writing.

That's where we come into play. We're based in Columbia, Missouri (a college town with the best journalism school in the country), which inspired us to create Writeous Girls, Inc. Our goal is to show young women what they can achieve through writing. We want girls to find their passion in writing, whether it be as a career or simply as a form of expression.

It's no secret that growing up as a middle school girl is tough. Studies have shown that a women's self esteem is at its lowest when she is in her teen years. That being said, studies have also shown that writing about emotions eases stress. Writeous Girls, Inc. is ultimately about more than just prepping girls for a career in writing: it's about cultivating relationships that will help them live enriched lives in the future.

We think that's pretty awesome!


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