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Journaling, story telling, non fiction writing, research writing, photography, videos, websites - we explore and develop all forms of writing and digital media. Through weekly one-to-one mentoring, women are sharing their craft and empowering girls to find their voice and tell their story.  Each month a professional speaker from a focus area visits Writeous Girls, Inc. and shares their experiences and expertise within their field. By doing this, we hope to ignite a passion within the creative minds of young girls and immerse them in a community that is working with them to help them achieve their goals.

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Tackling the Issue

The most crucial part of our program is the mentee-mentor relationship. We inspire middle and high school girls to be confident and creative writers through peer-to-peer mentoring. Each young woman is matched with a collegiate woman to to build a relationship that will enable them to express themselves through writing, photography, and/or digital media.  Mentees are welcomed into a diverse community of females that will work closely with them to navigate their scholastic and personal goals.


Powerful Curriculum

Writeous Girls, Inc. is a partner with the top-ranked University of Missouri School of Journalism and is an official student organization on campus.  Advisers are nationally recognized journalism professors that have worked with Writeous Girls, Inc. to implement a powerful curriculum to empower young women through different forms of media and community. 

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Where do you meet? How are mentors trained? Would you like to come speak to our students?

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